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Welcome to WingsXI!

Wings is a level 75 capped Wings of the Goddess era server focused on providing a Final Fantasy XI experience from the era just before the level cap was raised, with minor quality of life improvements.

Our server includes all of the following:

  • Wings of the Goddess era skill up rates and experience rates.
  • All jobs thru Wings of the Goddess expansion.
  • Unrestricted Level Sync.
  • Fully fleshed out Fishing.
  • Once-per Vana'diel day Fields of Valor.
  • Mog Wardrobe and Mog Sack access unlocks via storyline content.
  • A completely player-run economy.
  • Absolutely no multiboxing.
  • A completely open-sourced code base that is actively developed by multiple other servers.
For more information, please join our Discord.

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This is Cait Sith in FFXI. You will get to know it here.

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